Carnivals across the Caribbean

Barbados crop over festival

On the face of it, you might think it’s an odd time for us to be telling you about carnivals across the Caribbean. After all, the large crowds that gather are hardly conducive to safe social distancing. But actually, if you’re keen to experience these colourful festivals for yourself, now’s the time you should be … Read more

The Dominican Republic’s contribution to the history books

Historical church in Santo Domingo

The Dominican Republic is where you’ll find the Caribbean’s highest peak, Pico Duarte, measuring 3175 metres. Mile upon mile of white sand lines its coastline, a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the holidaymakers who fly there to flop beneath its shady palms.  Windsurfers and whale watchers won’t come away disappointed. But there’s far more … Read more

The music of Santiago de Cuba

Street musicians in Havana

You won’t find it hard to hear live music anywhere in Cuba. Bands of roving troubadours set up on street corners in every town and city, earning their living from the donations made by passers-by. Surprisingly, the best place to enjoy Cuba’s music scene is not Havana, but the country’s second largest city, Santiago de … Read more

Explore Hunte’s Gardens in Barbados

Hunte's Gardens

Often when you’re travelling, it’s the people that make or break a place. Those you’ll encounter on the beautiful island of Barbados are warm and welcoming, and the man who’s the brains behind Hunte’s Gardens was no exception. Horticulturalist Anthony Hunte can trace his Bajan ancestors back to the 17th century. His passion for his … Read more

Nelson’s Dockyard – Antigua’s UNESCO World Heritage gem

View of English harbour and Nelsons Dockyard

When you’re choosing somewhere to spend your holiday, recommendations count for a lot. But what if the place you intended to visit was once dubbed an “infernal hole”, “a vile spot” and somewhere you’d once have been “most woefully pinched” by mosquitoes? Fortunately, those comments come in the form of an 18th century review. The … Read more