Vieques: The Caribbean’s Best Bio-Bay Experience

Mosquito Bay kayaking

In Puerto Rico, locals often refer fondly to Vieques as “La Isla Nena” or “the little girl island,” and travelers routinely fall under the sway of this Caribbean destination just eight miles from the mainland. Yes, the turquoise water and alabaster beaches on Vieques are gorgeous, but the one bucket list-worthy attraction is unquestionably Mosquito … Read more

The huge impact of COVID-19 on the Caribbean way of life

People of the Caribbean are known for their resilience. After all, few other populations have faced a constant risk of life threatening hurricanes the way people of this region have. Yet, COVID-19 has brought threats to the islands unlike any before and these may be impossible to overcome in the short and medium term. Whereas … Read more

Taxi and tour in one? See more of St. Lucia thanks to this travel option

Colorful toy truck on a beach

There are a few places in the Caribbean where taxi drivers double as tour guides, and this is definitely one of the important features of St. Lucia’s travel industry. There are tens of well established taxi and tour companies on the island. They offer to pick up visitors from airports, ferry ports and hotels and … Read more

Mr. Washington Goes to Barbados

Drawing of George Washington in Barbados in 1751

By 1751, tensions between the Britain’s North American Colonies and the British Empire were already rising. Georgia, the last of the thirteen English settlements would be established within the year, and Benjamin Franklin would be discovering electricity soon. If it wasn’t for the aggressions between Britain and France, that eventually erupted into the Seven Years … Read more

Don’t let bad PR discourage you from visiting the DR!

Dominican Republic flag

The last several months have been difficult for the tourism industry in the Dominican Republic. As many as nine US tourists have died over the last year in the country at its different hotels. This string of deaths (some still unexplained) have gained global attention and many news headlines have been actively discouraging tourists from … Read more