Can you smoke weed at Sandals Resorts? (and where to get it)

Yes, you can smoke weed at Sandals Resorts, but please be courteous to other guests.

At each Sandals Resort there are designated smoking sections where you can smoke pretty much whatever you want. Please do not smoke in your room or on your balcony or patio. This might bother your neighbors, the next guest and could result in a hefty fee for cleaning from Sandals.

Find Weed While at Sandals Resorts

At all the Sandals Resorts you can find marajuanna without looking to hard.

At some of the resorts you can go to a dispensary on the way to the resort or with a short walk nearby.

For the resorts in Ocho Rios, there are several dispersaries in the Ocho Rios port area. Additionally there is one that many of the shuttles stop at on the way to the resort.

For Sandals Montego Bay and Royal Caribbean there is a shopping center nearby you can walk to.

Another way to get cannabis is by going to the beach. At many resorts there are vendors selling on the beach. If it is a private beach there might be someone selling on the side of the beach.

The best way to find out where to find something is actually on Facebook. There is a facebook group dedicated to this here.

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