Jingle All the Way to a Caribbean Christmas

Swap those stuffy Christmas sweaters for a slinky bathing suit this Christmas and jingle all the way on Santa’s sleigh to the Caribbean. It may not be carpeted in snow, but the Caribbean is a winter wonderland in its own way. An infusion of European traditions and Caribbean culture, Christmas in the tropics promises reggae-style … Read more

Andros Barrier Reef: the World’s Third Largest Ecosystem

We all know the Caribbean for its impossibly bright turquoise sea that looks so deliciously tempting to dive into, millions of people travel to its shores every year to do just that. Now. we can’t blame anyone for coming to the Caribbean for a beach holiday. What many don’t realize, though, is there’s an extraordinary … Read more

7 Best Regattas in the Caribbean

Conquer the Caribbean on your very own sailing adventure. Whilst many flock to the tropical Caribbean archipelago for the sun, sea, and sand, others flock there for the sailing. With often clear skies, lush turquoise water, fair trade winds, and exhilarating sailing routes, it’s the perfect place for regattas.  Boat racing first became a popular … Read more

A close-up experience with stingrays in Grand Cayman

If you’re planning a vacation on Grand Cayman, then a tour to Stingray City needs to be on your wish list. It’s one of the Cayman Islands’ most visited destinations. Southern Atlantic stingrays congregate in large numbers in the shallow waters of this offshore sandbar. Everywhere you look in the turquoise water, these beautiful creatures … Read more

The best non-beach activities to enjoy in the Caribbean

Santiago castle de la san cuba pedro

When day-dreaming about the Caribbean, as we all often do, it’s the sandy beaches, straw umbrellas, and glowing turquoise waters that come to mind. And with more than 700 islands, each surrounded by equally eye-catching beaches, the region truly is a paradise for those that love salt in their hair, sand between their toes, and … Read more

Immerse yourself in Jamaica’s natural beauty

White River rafting in Ocho Rios

The island of Jamaica is a nature lover’s paradise. Blessed with endless beaches, hidden coves, secluded waterfalls and forested hills, visitors are rightly impressed by the country’s coastline and interior. Here’s where you need to go if you’re keen to immerse yourself in Jamaica’s natural beauty. Hike in the beautiful Blue Mountains Jamaica’s longest mountain … Read more

The best beaches in Guadeloupe

Six populated islands comprise the archipelago of Guadeloupe. Alongside the uninhabited islets, the two main islands of Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre form the most significant land masses. The shape this pretty pair makes is often likened to a butterfly. Meanwhile, to the south you’ll find Marie-Galante, Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas (which together make up Les Saintes) and … Read more

Carnivals across the Caribbean

Barbados crop over festival

On the face of it, you might think it’s an odd time for us to be telling you about carnivals across the Caribbean. After all, the large crowds that gather are hardly conducive to safe social distancing. But actually, if you’re keen to experience these colourful festivals for yourself, now’s the time you should be … Read more