Nelson’s Dockyard – Antigua’s UNESCO World Heritage gem

View of English harbour and Nelsons Dockyard

When you’re choosing somewhere to spend your holiday, recommendations count for a lot. But what if the place you intended to visit was once dubbed an “infernal hole”, “a vile spot” and somewhere you’d once have been “most woefully pinched” by mosquitoes? Fortunately, those comments come in the form of an 18th century review. The … Read more

Old Havana – A Walk Through Time

Plaza de Armas in Havana

Although Cuba stands out as one of the most prominent islands in the Caribbean, it is unlike many of its neighbors. While its tumultuous history is full of adversity and suffering, it is actually the blessing that has made Cuba such an individualistic nation. When the communist regime took over in 1959, they hit the … Read more

Mr. Washington Goes to Barbados

Drawing of George Washington in Barbados in 1751

By 1751, tensions between the Britain’s North American Colonies and the British Empire were already rising. Georgia, the last of the thirteen English settlements would be established within the year, and Benjamin Franklin would be discovering electricity soon. If it wasn’t for the aggressions between Britain and France, that eventually erupted into the Seven Years … Read more

When Conan came to Cuba and Haiti

Conan O'Brien dancing on the streets of Havana

The man doesn’t really need an introduction, though it’s worth to point out a couple key facts. He is the longest serving TV host on American television, has been listed several times by TIME among 100 most influential people, has hosted the Emmys and MTV Movie Awards and has over 6,700,000 followers on YouTube. Conan … Read more

Where did the Exuma pigs come from?

Swimming pig in a water at beach on Exuma island Bahamas

Their presence on Big Major Cay, which is one of hundreds of islands in the Bahamas Cays’ archipelago, has been a mystery even to the locals. However, there are some pretty solid theories that would make these pigs either very lucky or/and brave survivors. However, before exploring where they came from, let’s first actually give … Read more