What Is Jamaica Like in July?

Jamaica is a great destination year-round, with plenty of warm temperatures and sunshine and tons of things to do. But what is Jamaica like in July? Maybe you’ve got the chance for a summer getaway so you’re wondering, is July a good time to go to Jamaica? If so, you’ll want to know what to … Read more

Are There Sharks in the Caribbean?

Yes, there are sharks in the Caribbean. In fact, they are very common. Sharks love warmer waters and a hunting ground with diverse marine life. While this can be a little concerning if you’re heading to any of the beautiful Caribbean islands, you don’t need to worry. Shark attacks in the Caribbean are very rare … Read more

The Best Time to Travel to the Caribbean

Finding the best time to visit the Caribbean is an important step in the travel planning process. And the best time depends on what you’re looking for while vacationing. Do you want perfect weather? Or are you okay with a little more rain in the forecast?  In general, the best time to travel to Caribbean … Read more