Our rankCruise CompanyDescription2019 & 2020 schedule
1Carnival Cruises logoLess expensive than many competitors, Carnival operates out of tens of US cities and has as many as 240 cruises lined up for the next two years. Like the name suggests, there is a party atmosphere on board though you may have to pay extra for some of the fun.
2Royal Caribbean logoWith over 1,000 cruise options to the Caribbean alone, Royal Caribbean is in a class of its own! You can choose from an extensive range of very large to small ships and prices are competitive, while amenities and entertainment are very highly rated. As this is a popular cruise line, expect most ships to be crowded.
3Disney Cruise Line logoWith lots of kids friendly entertainment, all-inclusive fares and over 300 available cruises to the Caribbean, Disney Cruise Line is perfect for families looking for fun and convenience. Although tickets are not cheap, you will get a spacious room and all shows and parties are included.
4Celebrity Cruises logoAlthough it has a smaller number of cruises available (around 70), Celebrity travels to and from Europe as well as the US. It is also a good value for money option with specials deals available through the company website. Costs at visiting ports including onshore trips are not covered, however.
5Seabourn Cruises logoSeabourn is all about "boutique luxury" on the seas. Its ships take only about 600 guests, who are treated to all-inclusive accommodations and amenities. Seabourn focuses on adults so this is not the best choice for families with young children. It is also not a recommended option for those who are price conscious as the exquisite offering is priced accordingly.
6Norwegian Cruise Line logoEverything on Norwegian cruises is "freestyle" - you can do most things ad hoc and be as casual as you like. There is plenty of Caribbean cruises to choose from (+250), while prices are reasonable and amenities are of high standard. Many things on board cost extra though, and these unexpected costs can be frustrating.
7MSC Cruises logoKids cruise for free with MSC and you can travel to the Caribbean from several European locations as well as the US. There are 50-60 cruises in the schedule and prices are reasonable. Dining and entertainment options are not as big as with other cruise companies.
8Silversea Cruises logoIf small and cozy is what you like, Silversea is the choice for you. The company ships' only take up 500 passengers and they focus on quality instead of quantity. Expect to find fine dining and five star accommodations on board. Although not enforced, this is pretty much an adult only cruise line as there are no programs or activities available for children.
9Oceania CruisesFirst class customer service and superb dining options are what makes Oceania stand out from competition. However, the cruises are not as kids friendly and entertainment options are less expansive as those of competitors. Still, Oceania offers routes to destinations pretty much no other company does.
10P&O Cruises logoWith a good percentage of its +160 Caribbean cruises originating from Europe (and especially the UK), P&O is a good option for those based in the EU. Prices are mid-range, while on-board amenities, accommodations and entertainment all have positive reviews. Dining and food options have the most negative mentions.
11Holland America Line logoWith smaller ships as well as less entertainment and dining options than you can get with other cruise companies, Holland is best for adult travelers who are looking to lay back and relax. There are over 300 cruises to the Caribbean available though prices can be high.
12Princess Cruises logoPrincess only has 25 cruises to the Caribbean scheduled over the next two years, but they include most key destinations of the region and you will be getting there on large and well equipped ships. However, prices can be high for what is offered and many items will cost you extra.