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The Caribbean is a fascinating region rich in diversity and beauty, but it is also an area that has experienced much tragedy just last year with the devastating storms of Irma and Maria. Many of the islands have still not recovered and some like Barbuda may never will. The economic costs of the storms mean that the people, the infrastructure and the environment of the islands have been bruised and destabilized. This in turn, negatively impacts tourism and so the major source of revenues for the whole region is depressed.

The goal of this website is twofold. On one hand, the two main editors of ExploringCaribbean love to travel and want to share our experiences of not so obvious places and things to do in the region. We also want others to share their experiences and give recommendations so we will keep the site open to guest contributions, whether those are blog posts, images or videos. In fact, we will encourage contributions and will compensate those who submit high quality work and do so consistently.

On the other hand, the goal we have is to promote the region and its tourism industry as its trying to recover from the storms and difficult economic situation. By doing this and by bringing more awareness to some of the difficulties the islands and their people are facing, we hope to make even a tiniest impact. Importantly, we will contribute a percentage of whatever money the site generates (if it does at all!) to aid and support of programs designed to improve lives of those living in the area as well as to protect nature and beauty of the Caribbean.

Ok, so what is this site made up of and what can you learn? Well, you will see our blog gets feed updated several times a week with posts about the Caribbean in general or one of the islands and topics such as: places to see, activities, customs and culture, sports, foods, sailing, fishing, hotels, travel, hiking, shopping and we may even mention politics of the region once in an odd while. We also have a dedicated page for each of the islands and map of the Caribbean pinned with tips on where to go and what to do.

You can connect with us on Instagram or drop us an email at any time with suggestions, questions or feedback. We are super excited about the site and we hope you find your explorations of the Caribbean more fun and rewarding because you have stumbled upon this site. If you do, that will be our big success. Cheers to many sunny days!

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