Guest blog for us! Writing about the Caribbean is fun :-)

If it’s not obvious yet, we love writing about the Caribbean! The region is rich in beauty, tradition, culture and so much more…. In fact, with a blog like Exploring Caribbean we don’t think we can ever run out of ideas for topics to write about. Therefore, there is plenty to share and we are very excited to invite all great writers out there to consider contributing a onetime blog or to become a regular travel writer for our website. The immediate question in your mind will be, ok great, but what’s in it for me?

Well, let us start by saying that after less than a year of our blog’s existence, we now have over 10,000 visitors per month, several thousands of followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well as an trustworthy URL with a strong domain and page rank authority. What it means for a potential guest writer is that you can be sure your posts will be read by thousands of those thinking about exploring the region. It also means that links you get from us to your own website will help your SEO and you are also likely receive valuable traffic from our blog. Finally, although we surely don’t expect you to be a professional blog writing service, we are open to financial compensation for writers who want to work with us long term and have shown to produce fantastic travel content.

Therefore, if you are ready to work with us, head to the write for us page to check out what we are looking for and contact us with your idea(s). Our expectations are pretty standard for this type of collaboration so you won’t find any surprises there. In fact, as opposed to many blogs open to guest contributions, we are happy for you to link to multiple relevant resources in your post as well as link to your site in your bio. So, don’t wait – we are excited to hear from you and publish your first guest post!

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