How long is the immigration line at Montego Bay Airport?

When planning your trip to Jamaica, you may have either heard rumors of crazy long lines to get through immigration or heard about Club Mobay and want to know how long will it take to get through immigration. So I am going to share my experience flying in and out of Montego Bay Airport several times.

The wait to get through immigration in my experience is on average 30-45 mins. With that being said, I have gotten through in 5 minutes and I have seen it get up to an hour long.

Montego Bay Airport

Many people who purchase Club Mobay will tell you they are so glad they purchased Club Mobay because the line was 2,3 or even 4 hours long. This has never been the case unless something has gone wrong. When I hear first-hand experiences, most people say around 45 minutes.

The airport only accepts so many flights so even on a day at full capacity, the lines can only get so long.

The worst part about standing in line is that the other tourists are so bent out of shape for having to wait it really adds to the negative energy in the room.

How to avoid the long lines without Club Mobay

The biggest fluctuation in lines is based on how many flights are arriving around the same time. If you arrive earlier in the day the line will be short. If you arrive near the end of the day, they will be short again. You can check the daily arrivals here to get an idea of the times that flights are arriving.

The second thing you can do is fill out your immigration form digitally before arriving.

Should you purchase Club Mobay?

Club Mobay is a great option for people trying to start there vacation in a stress-free way. It is more than skipping the line. You will have someone waiting for you to escort you along the way letting you be care free. Yes you will also skip the line which is great too.

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