Is Club Mobay Worth It?

Planning a trip to Jamaica? If you are flying into Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport, you might have heard of a service you can book called Club Mobay. This upgraded service helps alleviate some of the stress of travel, so your relaxed vacation vibes can start as soon as you land and continue all the way through your departure.

But since it does cost extra, some people wonder, is Club Mobay worth it? In this article we’ll give you all the details about Club Mobay so you can decide for yourself.

Is Club Mobay Worth It Quick Take

Many people think that using the Club Mobay service really improves the quality of their trip to Jamaica. However, some people don’t think it makes that much of a difference. It’s probably most valuable for first-time visitors to Jamaica, children traveling alone, seniors, or anyone who wants to get through the airport as quickly as possible.

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What Is Club Mobay?

Club Mobay is a concierge service that helps you navigate the arrival and/or departure processes more quickly at Jamaica’s Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. You can choose between either arrival or departure services, or you can select a bundle of both arrival and departure services.

It is important to note that the full arrival service cannot be added once you arrive at the airport. All arrival services have to be pre-booked. However, you can still access the Club Mobay lounge if you select the services at the airport.

You can book Club Mobay services as soon as your flight is confirmed, and you’ll want to do so at least 48 hours in advance of your arrival.

The Club Mobay experience has become very popular and there are limited spaces each day, so these services have been known to sell out. The arrival and departure bundles sell out the fastest. If you’re interested, be sure to book early. 

What’s Included in Club Mobay?

Still wondering, is Club Mobay worth the money? Let’s talk about exactly what you get. Club Mobay provides personalized help to navigate immigration and customs upon arrival and a fast-track lane through security upon departure. 

In addition, you get access to the Club Mobay VIP arrival and departure lounges, which include a range of amenities such as free food, free nonalcoholic and alcoholic drinks, comfortable seating, restrooms with showers, a children’s play area, and complimentary WiFi. You also get reading materials, free phone calls, and an adults-only area. There’s even a spa, but those services cost extra.

There are pretty significant differences in the Club Mobay arrival and departure services. Let’s take a look at each aspect of Club Mobay.

Is Club Mobay Worth It on Arrival?

Club Mobay arrival starts as soon as you deplane. You’ll see a Club Mobay agent waiting for you with a personalized sign so you aren’t left guessing who to look for. 

The Club Mobay agent starts by double-checking your immigration paperwork. They will look to ensure everything is completed and there aren’t any errors. If there are, they will fill out a new form for you.

Next, they’ll lead you past the main immigration line and to the shorter and faster Club Mobay immigration line. This select line allows for quicker processing through immigration. 

Your Club Mobay agent will move you to baggage claim to pick up your bags. It’s important to remember that these agents aren’t meant to carry your baggage for you. They also can’t control when your bags are delivered, so you may have to wait for a bit here.

Once you have your bags, they will lead you to a fast-track line for customs. The arrival process for customs is usually very simple as most visitors don’t declare anything upon arrival. Once all that is complete, you’ll be brought to the Club Mobay lounge to relax and enjoy free food and drinks while you wait for the transportation to your resort. If you have time, you can even shower off the airplane germs!

Is Club Mobay Departure Worth It?

The Club Mobay departure process is different from the arrival process. First, you’ll need to check into your flight. Once that’s done, you’ll head to the Club Mobay departure desk. Someone will lead you to a fast-track line through security so that you get through it more quickly. 

Then you can head to the private Club Mobay departure lounge, which offers similar amenities to the arrivals lounge such as a children’s play area, an adults-only lounge, restrooms with shower facilities, and a business center. 

Just like the arrivals lounge, you’ll be able to indulge in complimentary WiFi, food, and drinks. Remember the food selection can and will vary, but it’s not meant to be a full meal–mainly finger foods and light snacks. 

The Club Mobay departure lounge also features spa services, but they come at an additional cost. Monitors will display all the flight departure information so you can keep track of when you need to head to the gate for your flight home. 

This service can be especially valuable if your flight is delayed and you have to spend additional time at the airport.

Cost of Club Mobay

Your total Club Mobay cost varies depending on how many people are traveling and whether you book just the arrival, just the departure, or both services in the bundle. Here is a detailed breakdown of the cost of Club Mobay:

  • Club Mobay arrival only: $50 per adult (13+); $25 per child (aged 2-12)
  • Club Mobay departure only: $35 per adult (pre-booked; 13+), $38 if booked at the airport; $23 per child (aged 2-12)
  • Club Mobay bundle of arrival and departure services: $85 per adult (13+); $48 per child (2-12)

Is Club Mobay Worth It? Conclusion

Whether Club Mobay is worth it will depend on your personal situation. When trying to decide, here are some things to consider. 

First, does Club Mobay get you through customs faster?

Most people say yes, it does. In fact, probably the biggest benefit of the Club Mobay arrival service is getting through immigration and customs faster so you can get your vacation started more quickly. The lines to clear both areas can be quite long, especially during high season and holidays. If you have Club Mobay, you get to bypass them and go to the special fast-track lines.

If you look online, people who have used Club Mobay tend to say that they saw the lines and it would have taken 2-3 hours to get through. Meanwhile, some who haven’t used the service report that the lines take around 30 minutes to an hour. 

However, this can be significantly longer during the peak arrival times, between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. We think that if your flight arrives during that timeframe, Club Mobay is definitely a good idea.

We will continue to review changes in the way the airport handles immigration that might cut down on time in the future.  

Using the Club Mobay arrival service can also be valuable because you get a personal escort through everything. Sangster is a very big and busy airport, so this can be a real help for first-time visitors, children traveling alone, seniors, or anyone else who might need some extra support.

For departures, Club Mobay is worth it because it gets you through security faster and gives you a comfortable place to relax and get a drink and a bite to eat before boarding the plane. This is especially helpful because most transportation services will drop you off 3 hours before your flight departs, so you’ll have a long time to wait at the airport. 

Many travelers have been skeptical of the Club Mobay upgrade, but most believe these services are completely worth the extra cost. Not only can you enjoy some relaxation in the private lounge, but the Club Mobay services help you navigate the immigration, customs, and security processes much more easily and quickly.

Club Mobay can be especially helpful for travelers who haven’t visited Jamaica before, or if you’re just visiting for a short while. Consider investing the extra money into the Club Mobay experience to start feeling the vacation vibes as early as possible.

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