The Top 10 Excursions in Negril

Staying in Negril and want to avoid being holed up in your resort the whole time? Jamaica is simply teeming with nature, culture, and history just waiting to be explored. Tours and excursions not only make planning easier but also make transportation a breeze!

There are plenty of things you can do in and around Negril, as well as iconic attractions in other areas that you can visit. Here are 10 of the best excursions in Negril that you can embark on to make your vacation all the more worthwhile.

Island Routes — Negril & Rick’s Cafe Sunset Catamaran Cruise

Island Routes offers a few catamaran cruises in Negril, including this one. There’s never a dull moment on these party cruises, with unlimited drinks, an onboard DJ, and a lively crew.

The cruise starts at Margaritaville Negril, a bar and grill on Seven Mile Beach. From here, you’ll sail out from the shores into the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

There’ll be a snorkeling stop at the Sandy Cove Reef. You can see colorful tropical fish weaving through the corals and you might spot stingrays and sea turtles, too!

As the afternoon comes to a close, the excursion ends with a stop at Rick’s Cafe. This bar perched on the Negril Cliffs is one of the best places in Negril to cliff dive and watch the sunset.

Jamwest Motorsports — ATV Off-Road Adventure & Zipline Combo in Negril

ATV riding and ziplining are both popular activities in Jamaica and for good reason. The island’s landscape — a mix of mountains, forests, and beaches — makes it the ideal backdrop for an adventure. 

On this half-day tour, you can have your own adrenaline-fueled tropical escapade. The excursion starts with the ATV ride. After a safety briefing and practice laps around the training area, you’ll head off to the trails to explore rugged, rural Jamaica.

The last stop on the trail is the zipline course, where you can soar above the forest canopy and get amazing views of the scenery below!

Reggae Horseback Riding — Small-Group Horseback Riding in Negril

Whether you have horseback riding experience or not, you and your group can enjoy this excursion! Take a 2.5-hour ride through private coastal trails on docile, friendly horses, with a helpful guide.

This excursion is equal parts relaxing and educational, as you’ll see and learn all about Jamaica’s flora and fauna. There are plenty of birds, including peacocks, as well as an abundance of fruit trees and medicinal plants. 

You’ll make your way across the trail and through mangroves, toward the beach where your horse will carry you through shallow waters by the shore.

Your Jamaican Tour Guide — Private Negril Sightseeing Tour with Rick’s Cafe Cliff Diving

This private sightseeing tour, which you can take at your own pace, is a great excursion for first-time visitors to Negril.

First up on the tour is Seven Mile Beach, widely considered one of the best beaches in Jamaica. There are many restaurants and hotels along the shores. 

Next, you’ll head to Rick’s Cafe, a bar that’s also the premier cliff diving spot in town. You can take a dive yourself or watch tourists and locals alike take on the challenge.

From there you can get some shopping done at the Rutland Point Craft Centre and Times Square Mall. Both are great places to find souvenirs!

Photograph by D Ramey Logan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One Love Bus — One Love Bus Bar Crawl

The One Love Bus offers one of the best and safest ways to tour Negril’s bar scene. Three days a week, this bus tour takes travelers to some of the best bars located along the Negril Cliffs. A few of the stops are off the beaten path and would be harder to find when traveling solo. There will also be a few stops at scenic spots where you can appreciate the view and snap some photos.

This is an afternoon tour that takes 4–5 hours, so you can expect to see the beautiful Negril sunset while you’re out and about!

Jamaica Mesmerizing Tours — Blue Hole Mineral Spring and Rick’s Cafe Private Tour

You may have heard of the Ocho Rios Blue Hole but there are several different places on the island with that name. On this excursion, you’ll be taken to the Blue Hole Mineral Spring, located about 30 minutes from Negril.

You can swim or dive into the mineral springs or take a dip in a swimming pool filled with the same mineral water. There’s a bar, grill, volleyball court, and cabanas on-site, so it’s a great place to spend the whole day if you’d like! 

After a leisurely time here, you’ll head over to Rick’s Cafe to cliff dive or simply get a stunning view of the sunset while you dine or get a drink.

Rastasafari Experience — Rastasafari Experience from Negril

This excursion lets you explore rural Jamaica on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), taking a trail that winds along rivers, through rainforests, and past farms.

After being picked up from your hotel in Negril, you’ll travel by van to the village that’s the starting point of the excursion. Here, you’ll meet your guide who’ll take you on a jungle walkthrough of the property. 

If you’ve never ridden an ATV before, don’t worry, next you’ll get a short tutorial and safety briefing. From there, you’re off to the races! You and your group will ride around the village and its lush surroundings.

The excursion closes with a refreshing dip in a natural mineral pool and then an authentic Jamaican lunch with entertainment.

Your Jamaican Tour Guide — YS Falls, Black River Safari, Appleton Rum Tour, Pelican Bar (Choose Up to 3)

Jamaica’s lesser-known south coast is unexpectedly rich in attractions. On this private tour, you’ll be taken from Negril to the scenic south coast to experience major attractions there, alongside a professional guide.

Hike or go for a refreshing swim at the seven-tiered YS Falls. Take a boat ride down the winding Black River, flanked by rainforests. Go on a rum tour of the historical Appleton Estate distillery. Visit the unique Pelican Bar, a “floating” bar located a mile out from the shore. Choose up to three experiences that sound the most interesting to you!

Zimbali’s Mountain Cooking Studio — Zimbali’s Rasta Lunch Tour

This excursion takes you on a moderate hike up the Canaan Mountains, 30 minutes outside of Negril. Here, you’ll find Camp Survival, a farm owned by a local Rastafarian named “Fiyah”. 

He’s had his farm for over 30 years and welcomes visitors to take a tour! This is an awesome opportunity to learn about Jamaican crops and Rastafarian beliefs, many of which center around respecting and upholding nature.

After helping to pick fresh crops and herbs for the meal, you’ll be treated to a homemade “Ital” lunch, emblematic of the authentic Rastafarian diet and way of cooking.

Holiday Services — Dunn’s Falls, Bob Marley’s Nine Mile, and Optional Mystic Lagoon

If you’re in Negril but want to visit some iconic attractions outside of town, don’t worry. On this excursion, you can enjoy a day trip from Negril to Dunn’s River Falls, Bob Marley’s Nine Mile, and the Mystic Lagoon.

Dunn’s River Falls is a 3-hour drive away from Negril but the travel time is worth it, especially since you’ll be driven there in comfort. You can take on the challenge of climbing the falls and then ziplining to the base, as well as relaxing on the beach located at the base of the waterfall.

The next stop is Bob Marley’s Nine Mile. This is a museum located at the reggae legend’s childhood home, in a small town outside of Ocho Rios.

As an optional last stop, you can visit and swim in the Mystic Lagoon (also known as the Luminous Lagoon) on the way back to Negril. This lagoon is home to a rare natural phenomenon: blue, glowing patches caused by microorganisms in the water!

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