Sandals Royal Bahamian vs Emerald Bay

As of my last update in September 2021, I can provide a comparison between Sandals Royal Bahamian and Sandals Emerald Bay, both of which are luxurious all-inclusive resorts in the Bahamas operated by Sandals Resorts International. Please note that things might have changed since then, so it’s a good idea to check for the latest information and reviews before making any decisions.

Sandals Royal Bahamian vs Emerald Bay: Location

While both resorts are in the Bahamas, the location makes a big difference.

Sandals Royal Bahamian is located in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, on the island of New Providence. This makes it more accessible and closer to various tourist attractions, shopping, and dining options.

There are plenty of direct flights from the US and once you arrive you can go to nearby waterparks, casinos, and restaurants.

Sandals Emerald Bay is situated on Great Exuma, a more remote and less populated island in the Bahamas. The setting is more secluded but it might mean an extra flight to get there.

While you are on the island you can rent a car or get a taxi to nearby beaches and attractions.

Sandals Royal Bahamian vs Emerald Bay: Beach

As with any Sandals location, you can count on having a beautiful view of the ocean.

Sandals Emerald Bay is known for its stunning beach with soft white sand and crystal-clear turquoise water, making it ideal for beach lovers. In addition, there is a stunning beach nearby with sea turtles and other beaches worth visiting on excursions.

At Sandals Royal Bahamian you have one beach at the resort which is nice, and there is also a private island surrounded by beautiful beaches where you can go snorkeling to easily see marine life.

Sandals Royal Bahamian vs Emerald Bay: Accommodations

Both resorts offer luxurious accommodations, including well-appointed rooms and suites with various amenities. Sandals Royal Bahamian has a European-style villa setting, while Sandals Emerald Bay offers more spacious and private villas if you are looking for more seclusion.

Sandals Royal Bahamian has some unique swim-up suites that are great for people who want a private pool feel.

Sandals Royal Bahamian vs Emerald Bay: Activities

At any Sandals Resort, you can expect both land and water activities and entertainment.

At Sandals Royal Bahamian you get the benefit of being close to the nightlife and entertainment in Nassau, just a quick taxi drive away.

Being on a more secluded island, Sandals Emerald Bay focuses on providing a peaceful and tranquil experience, with an emphasis on golf and other outdoor activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and exploring the natural surroundings.

If you go to Sandals Emerald Bay, make sure to go swimming with pigs during your trip!

Sandals Royal Bahamian vs Emerald Bay: Dining

Both resorts offer multiple dining options, including several gourmet restaurants and bars with a variety of cuisines and ambiance. We loved the Indian restaurant at Emerald Bay and enjoyed the three new food trucks at Royal Bahamian that made it easy to grab a bite to eat quickly whenever you wanted.

Sandals Royal Bahamian vs Emerald Bay: Atmosphere

Sandals Royal Bahamian has a lively and sociable atmosphere, making it suitable for couples who enjoy mingling with others and experiencing a more energetic ambiance. On the other hand, you can go to the private island for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Sandals Emerald Bay offers a more laid-back and romantic atmosphere, appealing to couples seeking a peaceful and intimate getaway

Ultimately, the choice between Sandals Royal Bahamian and Sandals Emerald Bay will depend on your preferences for location, atmosphere, activities, and level of seclusion. Each resort has its unique charm, so consider what type of experience you want to have during your vacation in the Bahamas.

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