7 Best Regattas in the Caribbean

Conquer the Caribbean on your very own sailing adventure. Whilst many flock to the tropical Caribbean archipelago for the sun, sea, and sand, others flock there for the sailing. With often clear skies, lush turquoise water, fair trade winds, and exhilarating sailing routes, it’s the perfect place for regattas.  Boat racing first became a popular … Read more

The best non-beach activities to enjoy in the Caribbean

Santiago castle de la san cuba pedro

When day-dreaming about the Caribbean, as we all often do, it’s the sandy beaches, straw umbrellas, and glowing turquoise waters that come to mind. And with more than 700 islands, each surrounded by equally eye-catching beaches, the region truly is a paradise for those that love salt in their hair, sand between their toes, and … Read more

Which Caribbean islands are safest to visit right now?

KLM plane flying over Maho Beach in St. Marteen

The COVID-19 crisis is not letting go. In fact, as you likely know the number of infections is growing rapidly across the globe. This is a terrible situation for the tourism industry of the Caribbean, for which 2020 has already been the most difficult year in decades. While 2021 is not looking promising either, there … Read more

The huge impact of COVID-19 on the Caribbean way of life

People of the Caribbean are known for their resilience. After all, few other populations have faced a constant risk of life threatening hurricanes the way people of this region have. Yet, COVID-19 has brought threats to the islands unlike any before and these may be impossible to overcome in the short and medium term. Whereas … Read more

Explore Hunte’s Gardens in Barbados

Hunte's Gardens

Often when you’re travelling, it’s the people that make or break a place. Those you’ll encounter on the beautiful island of Barbados are warm and welcoming, and the man who’s the brains behind Hunte’s Gardens was no exception. Horticulturalist Anthony Hunte can trace his Bajan ancestors back to the 17th century. His passion for his … Read more

Mr. Washington Goes to Barbados

Drawing of George Washington in Barbados in 1751

By 1751, tensions between the Britain’s North American Colonies and the British Empire were already rising. Georgia, the last of the thirteen English settlements would be established within the year, and Benjamin Franklin would be discovering electricity soon. If it wasn’t for the aggressions between Britain and France, that eventually erupted into the Seven Years … Read more