Are these the Caribbean’s best hikes?

Stretch your legs and take a walk: the Caribbean’s magnificent scenery lends itself to exploring on foot. From short strolls to more challenging treks, there’s a route that will suit everyone. Take a look at  our suggestions – are these the Caribbean’s best hikes? Dominica: the Waitukubuli National Trail Not for the fainthearted, the Waitukubuli National Trail … Read more

The History of Cuba: Communism, Castro, and the Cuban Revolution

cuba mural

The Cuba we know today is a sun-soaked, Spanish-speaking, salsa-dancing independent Caribbean country with colourful streets, classic cars, and a fervent Latino heartbeat. But whilst it’s all sunshine and rainbows on the outside, dig a little deeper and you will discover Cuba has endured one of the darkest and most turbulent political economies in the … Read more

The huge impact of COVID-19 on the Caribbean way of life

People of the Caribbean are known for their resilience. After all, few other populations have faced a constant risk of life threatening hurricanes the way people of this region have. Yet, COVID-19 has brought threats to the islands unlike any before and these may be impossible to overcome in the short and medium term. Whereas … Read more

The music of Santiago de Cuba

Street musicians in Havana

You won’t find it hard to hear live music anywhere in Cuba. Bands of roving troubadours set up on street corners in every town and city, earning their living from the donations made by passers-by. Surprisingly, the best place to enjoy Cuba’s music scene is not Havana, but the country’s second largest city, Santiago de … Read more

Old Havana – A Walk Through Time

Plaza de Armas in Havana

Although Cuba stands out as one of the most prominent islands in the Caribbean, it is unlike many of its neighbors. While its tumultuous history is full of adversity and suffering, it is actually the blessing that has made Cuba such an individualistic nation. When the communist regime took over in 1959, they hit the … Read more

When Conan came to Cuba and Haiti

Conan O'Brien dancing on the streets of Havana

The man doesn’t really need an introduction, though it’s worth to point out a couple key facts. He is the longest serving TV host on American television, has been listed several times by TIME among 100 most influential people, has hosted the Emmys and MTV Movie Awards and has over 6,700,000 followers on YouTube. Conan … Read more