Top 5 Punta Cana hotels for adult only vacations

Bavaro in Punta Cana
Aerial drone view of Bavaro in Punta Canac

There are very few places in the world that can compete with Punta Cana on the number of hotel options. In fact, according to data published by Punta Cana International Airport, the area of Bavaro itself (which makes a large portion of Punta Cana) is home to over 42,000 rooms available to tourists. Even if we assume a high average number of 200 rooms per hotel, that would mean Bavaro has as many as 210 large hotels! With such a huge variety of options, the obvious question that you may ask yourself – how do I choose the best option without spending days in front of a computer screen comparing prices, reviews and amenities?

Well, me and my partner have already gone through this process several times and have visited more than 20 hotels in Punta Cana. As such, we have come up with our own shortlist of places in this part of the Dominican Republic that are on top when it comes to couples only / adults only vacations. For our selection, we have focused on three things:

  • Price for value – what do you get for your money? We have looked into whether an all-inclusive option is included and what’s in it, what amenities are available in the hotel as well as what you get in your room as part of the listed price. It is important to us that the overall price is not outrageous (with a max of up to $400 per night for two people) and that the value offered for that costs stands out from competitors
  • Reviews – what do others think of these hotels? We have looked across several booking sites for both, the quantity and scores of reviews given to over 50 hotels. We have automatically excluded all hotels with scores lower than 4 out of 5 and on those with higher scores, we took a close look into what was mentioned in the lower ratings in particular.
  • Wow factor – how it makes us feel? This one is a subjective measure that comes from our visits to some of these hotels as well as just looking through their descriptions and pictures. Beauty of the hotel and its surroundings and privacy level are two things that are particularly important to us.

1. TRS Turquesa Hotel – Adults Only – All Inclusive (4.5 stars)

Consistently getting some of the highest reviews in Punta Cana, visitors to TRS Turquesa get an assigned butler who is available to assist with whatever they need throughout their stay. The hotel’s all-inclusive offer is very impressive with food and drinks included at the 17 on-site restaurants. In fact, the food here also gets some of the highest ratings of all of the hotels around. When it comes to amenities, TRS Turquesa has so much to offer, it is difficult to list everything out. In addition to tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, slot machines, a large spa, a nightclub and five swimming pools, you can try your strengths at archery, kayaking and windsurfing. The wow factor is augmented by stylish, modern and clean suites, each of which has a jetted tub conveniently located several feet away from the beds….

Price range: $350 – 400 per night

One of the stunning swimming pools with swim-up bar at TRS Turquesa hotel

2. The Level at Melia Punta Cana Beach – Adults Only – All Inclusive (5 stars)

This 136 room hotel is smaller than most of its neighbours, yet it has as much to offer as its larger competitors. The Level fees very classy and chic with modern yet stylish décor. Yet, despite this being a five star all-inclusive hotel, room prices are very reasonable. The Level boasts 13 different restaurants, fitness center with a whole menu of sports classes, full service spa and four outdoor pools. Indeed, it’s the spa and fitness facilities at the hotel that get some of the highest reviews from other hotels around. Finally the extensive and varied grounds of the Level are fun to explore and there are quite a few romantic spots here that are host to countless stunning weddings.

Price range: $300 – $360 per night

The extensive grounds at The Level at Melia hotel
The extensive grounds at The Level at Melia hotel

3. Royal Service at Paradisus Palma Real – Adults Only – All Inclusive (5 stars)

When it comes to beautiful hotels, Royal Service is definitely among the very top of them in Punta Cana. Every detail here has been painstakingly designed and in many respects this hotel looks and feels like a royal palace (hence the name and the wow factor here). Visitors to Royal Service love the customer service and personal attention they get as well as the amenities, which include a full service spa, gym, a 27 whole golf course, nightclub and five tennis courts. At 527 square foot, the suites are spacious and include large balconies. Truly, you are unlikely to find a better value for money five star all-inclusive hotel in Punta Cana. The one important aspect of the Paradisus Palma Real though is that this is not an exclusively adult only hotel.  The Royal Service includes a butler and private areas just for adults, but the majority of the hotel is kids friendly.  

Price range: $350 – $400 per night

One of several beautiful gazebos Paradisus Palma Real hotel
One of several beautiful gazebos Paradisus Palma Real hotel

4. Catalonia Royal Bavaro – Adults Only – All Inclusive (4.5 stars)

If you like plunge pools, you will love Catalonia Royal Bavaro! Many of the suites here come with their own large pools offering decent amount of privacy. Even if you don’t get your own pool, every suite is spacious and clean and comes with a balcony and a jetted tub. At the same time, the per night price for two people here start as low as $200, which is by far the cheapest on our list and definitely one of the least expensive in all of Punta Cana. Despite the low price, you are still getting to stay at four and a half star hotel packed with great amenities, restaurants and excellent customer service. You could spend twice as much in a neighbouring hotel and may see absolutely no difference in the quality of your vacation. And again, the plunge pools are definitely amazing!!

Price range: $200 – $400 per night

One of several large swimming pools of Catalonia Royal Bavaro hotel
One of several large swimming pools of Catalonia Royal Bavaro hotel

5. Le Sivory by PortBlue Boutique – Adults Only (4.5 stars)

This hotel is not strictly in Punta Cana, but rather it is the last hotel to the north of Bavaro in the area of Uvero Alto. This, however, makes Le Sivory the perfect getaway hotel far away from the crowds and surrounded only by water and jungle. In fairness, this is also the most expensive hotel on our list and there are lots of other, very good adult only hotels right in Punta Cana that could be listed instead of Le Sivory. However, we think this secluded hotel is a hidden gem that offers what no other hotel in the region does – amazing privacy and access to remote beaches and walking trails. For those seeking romance, many suites here have their own little private pools with beachfront access. The beach itself is superb with many beach beds and hammocks spread out over several hundred feet of sand and palm trees. The only negative of the hotel are limited food options with only two onsite restaurants and no shops or restaurants in the vicinity.

Price range: $400 – $600 per night

Private plunge pool at one of the beachfront suites of Le Sivory hotel
Private plunge pool at one of the beachfront suites of Le Sivory hotel

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