Which Sandals Resort is the Safest?

When it comes to Sandals Resorts, they are all very safe. These all-inclusive resorts are often located in tourist-friendly areas and offer a range of amenities and services designed to provide a secure and enjoyable vacation experience.

Sandals Resorts has on-site security personnel with gated entrances to ensure that only registered guests and staff have access to the property.

On the beaches, all Sandals Resorts have additional security to make sure you are safe as you relax on the sand.

When it comes to excursions, Sandals works with tour operators that keep you safe as well so there really isn’t much to worry about when going to a Sandals Resort.

We have been to every Sandals Resort and have never felt unsafe.

With that in mind, some resorts are on islands with lower crime rates and if you are really trying to stay safe, you may take this into consideration.

The US State Department has a ranking from 1-5 of each country related to how much of a risk they see traveling to that area. In my opinion, the list is not very reliable. I have traveled in areas up to a level 3 and have always felt safe by using common sense.

With that said, compared to other islands where there is a Sandals Resort, Jamaica is the only level 3, where the State Department recommends that you reconsider travel. In my experience in Jamaica, this is not the case. Jamaica’s economy is reliant on tourism so they do not want bad publicity that would come from bad things happening to tourists and as such the touristy areas are pretty safe.

The Bahamas are a level 2, with the recommendation to exercise increased caution when traveling. Similarly to Jamaica, I never felt unsafe in the Bahamas.

The remaining islands are all rated a level 1, meaning you should exercise normal precautions.

General Safety Travel Tips at Sandals Resorts

  • Leave Valuables at Home: There is no reason to bring flashy jewelry, you can always get some cheap rings on Amazon to wear during your trip.
  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Exercise caution in crowded or isolated areas, especially after dark.
  • Secure Your Valuables: Use hotel safes, avoid displaying expensive jewelry or electronics, and consider using a money belt or concealed pouch for important documents.
  • Local Transportation: Use reputable transportation services and be cautious if renting a car or using local public transport.

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